Bakelit Multi Art Center’s main ambition is to offer infrastructure for international cultural projects by supplying creative individuals with diverse, inspiring spaces and opportunities to learn, create, and perform.

Bakelit strives to offer a comfortable environment for artists to think innovatively and showcase new creative work, while also functioning as a community center for events and public participation. With a mission of sustaining and supporting stirring new work and ideas, Bakelit forges connections between its local and international community by supplying an innovative and inspiring atmosphere to work and live in.

Bakelit is an industrially recycled independent cultural institution which has operated both as an artistic and non-artistic event centre for over 10 years. Within a large (2200 sq. meter) commercially leased space, Bakelit is home to 2 stages, 6 rehearsal rooms, a large catering kitchen, bar, and hostel. These well-equipped, high standard spaces can be used for concerts, theatrical productions, exhibitions, weddings and private parties.The establishment fundamentally aims to generate a welcoming environment which encourages the exchange of ideas between all who enter.

Bakelit cooperates with several European organisations within various EU tenders. Due to being a member of networks such as Trans Europe Halles, Bakelit has developed diverse international partners. With a multidisciplinary network of artists and cultural centres from around the world, Bakelit strives to embrace all art forms, including but not limited to music, theatre, dance, film, and visual arts.

As a catalyst network for artistic support, Bakelit is a multi-faceted organization where anything and everything can happen.

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