New Year's Eve Want to be in an environment ,where the party all night rampage without the silence of regulation limitations? In three-room rumbles in the party machinery of Bakelite Multi Art Center New Year's Eve in industrial site of Soroksári street.

Get ready for the best retro party of the year! Retro DJs guarantee the usual New Year's mood has been 11 times. You can count on: Hits of the '70s and' 80s' 90s, Latin salsa real room ambience, Latin dance performance and dance teaching and the inevitable raffle. This year, more drinks can enjoy unlimited, and multi-course dinner is available. At midnight clink glasses with a glass of champagne for the house, filling you can choose any drinks from the bar. You can have fun and dance until five in the morning to . Ask your favorite hits from the DJ!
If you do not want to miss out, buy your tickets as soon as possible!

Doors opening: 19:30

Access Control: For the fastest possible access, please print out their tickets in the e-mail. When you receive a printed ticket, you can use as a raffle!

Dec. 24 From: 20,800Ft

The entry fee includes a full menu (including dinner), unlimited drinks (excluding champagne toast at midnight after consumed) and raffle. 30 bottles of champagne for the lucky winner winks between and many more raffles surprise.

(Dinner: 21: 00 onwards)

Welcome bites:
Homemade goose crackling crisp, fresh vegetables, salt and soft bread

Thyme, cognac essence pheasant quail eggs and vegetables zsülien
Wild mushroom soup with truffle oil, homemade bread

Farm pork aspic
Beech-smoked chicken wings crispy oyster mushroom, potato salad Of Lyonnaise
Corn salad with chives enriched with sesame seeds and spicy meat balls

Main courses:
Dorozsmai catfish stew with sheep cheese pasta
Layered luscious pumpkin pie with vegetables
Skinned pork loin splashed with bier, juniper red cabbage and onion mashed potatoes
Palermo gourmet Mediterranean-style breast of chicken with parmesan rice

Bakelit Style „Mágnás „ Somló spanch cake
Strawberry, lime cake with chocolate
Linzer granázzsal

Midnight menü:
Korhely soup "rafkopapa" style
Crispy sausage with mustard, fresh homemade bread

During the event, unlimited drinks drinks are provided in the following line:
Soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, draft beer (Arany Ászok), bottled wines (Ostoros Winery), coffee and cappuccino, as well as unlimited consumption of spirits also includes the following packages:
Bacardi Superior
Varadero Cubano
Finnsburry gin
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Silver Jose Cuervo Tequila
Grant's Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker
Jim Beam
Metaxa *****

* * * * Technical specifications: * * * *
12-person round tables about custody of their guests. In case of more than 12 companies are certainly opportunities that we have in tables next to each other. Couples on the case of six party seated at a table. we plant based on the lowest number of major companies and the principles of most small companies.

Reservation only the entrance fees for full compensation is possible.
In cash:
Bakelit Multi Art Center
1095 in Budapest, Soroksár Road 164 intact.
every weekday from 09:00-19:00 can purchase their ticket within 00 hours.

Bakelit Multi Art Center
1095, Budapest, Soroksári road 164th
Tel .: 0036-70/516-5225

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