L1danceFest / showcase program

L1danceFest 2018

Movement-based international festival of contemporary performing arts
17th annual edition organized by L1 Association in Budapest

4–9 September, 2018

The international L1danceFest is organized for the 17th time in Budapest between 4–9 September, 2018, with its focus on contemporary performing arts (dance, dance theatre and other forms of performing arts).


Diversium - what we hide

Diversium is looking for ways how different people, ideas can work together and further more exist together. Create a community reconsider the boundiers among subcultures and differences. Receptive and cognitive exchange of ideas and movements. Breated by conversations and non verbal meeting of the bodies. Diversium does not want to tell a story, it is not intended to enlighten you, but it is just a way of exploring the differences, trying to scratch your surface.

I dived into the sea 
deep to see your face
i found it somehow different then your intsa space


High Spirits workshop with Denf Collective (HR) / Be SpectACTive

FREE DANCE WORKSHOP based on High Spirits method
WHEN: 6-days of 4 hours/day between 5-10 April
FOR: young professional or semi-professional contemporary, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, folklore or other dancers!
WITH: choreographer Martina Granić & dancers Filipa Bavčević, Irena Tomašić, Josip Štulić and Mia Zalukar
AGE LIMIT: min. 14!
APPLY: international@bmac.hu


Maria Naidu (SE): The Life and Times of Ms. Karen Henderson


// autofictional dancework //
A vibrant firework packed with large doses of ironic humor, ambiguity and quite a bit of dance. 
A multifaceted solo show that ponders questions of cultural identity, ethnic belonging as well as some curiously held stereotypical notions of dance as a profession.


Gruppo e-Motion (IT): Garbage Girls / Be SpectACTive!


Poetic journey in the trash, between the immanent and transcendent: people who have to live “in desolation, are witnesses of the cruelty of life and its thousands of mysteries”. 


FACE: Drag queen coming out - homage to Pasolini


The coming out of a Catholic gay man.

Mixed media performance inspired by the life and the poetry of P. P. Pasolini.
Video-mapping artist Ivó Kovács from Hungary creates the space working with video-animated light.
„Hurry up, night, pass off fast!” and “Who is me” – The man who wrote these sentences, P. P. Pasolini, was charged 33 times – always in conjunction with his homosexuality.


Ki Omos Kineitai (GR): Betelgez / Be SpectACTive!


A comparison of the explosion of a star with the social explosion. 
A collage of short shots of political speeches that sound more like announcements of explosions… towards big changes in the global map. 
Speeches that promised the birth of new conditions, in which nothing could be like the old ones.
Speeches that inspired a revolutionary ferment, which would tear down the old order.
Words that resulted to a constant vibration of the humanity at a high frequency and to scatter faith, hope, certainty… but at the same time anger hatred and despair.


Dance and floor acrobatics / workshop


Session of two intensive meetings on contemporary dance combination and floor acrobatics with the members of the Greek Ki Omos Kineitai Collective: with Sougioultzi Christina, Camilo Bentancor, on:

16 October 10 am-1 pm
18 October 10 am-1 pm


Elektro Kagura (JP, FR, DE): Ikutani San / Be SpectACTive!

// a modern question looking for an ancient answer //
Traditional Japenese dance ritual from a contemporary perspective which interweaves with electro music and digital painting. Characters and stories taken from the ancient book called Kojiki in which the religious genesis of Japan is narrated. Ikutani San deals with the most famous episode of the book: when the deity Ama no Uzume will perform for the first time the dance that will be called Kagura.



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