11/28/2017 - 20:00
Bakelit Multi Art Center


Sensing the space starting from bodily sensations. The performance entitled “ALLEYEZON___” is a space experiment which centers around the touch of the other and types of connections with the merging means of performance, video, installation, music, light design, without actual interaction. This multidisciplinary performance gives voice to questions regarding intimacy, eroticism, and sexuality. How do we experience the other’s body in a space which is right in the middle of the intermingling arts and mediums, without touching each-other? How does video design affect space? Might we broaden the elements of picture editing and taking (cropping, mounting, zooming) in a way to involve two more dimensions, that is space and time?

The second part of the performance is interactive.

Gray Box is an artist collective. Based on interdisciplinary, research based-collaborations, and collective creative process, Gray Box creates site-specific projects on the intersection of visual arts, performance art, and fashion.

Koncepció/Concept: Gray Box
Előadók/Performers: Ádám Anna, Almási Szabina, Bartók Mária, Cserne Kata, Fodor Orsolya, Kocsor Lili Virág, Major Mátyás, Molnár György, Piróth Tímea
Modellek/Models: Kovács Domokos, Meskovits Liza, Nagy Edi, Simon Zsuzsi és Avila, Tamás Róbert, Unique Alip
Zene/Music: Bartók Mária

More information: http://www.grayboxprojects.com/

Ticket prices: 

adult: 2000 Ft
pedagogue and XI, XX. district cizitens discount: 1800 Ft
student discount: 1200 Ft
sponsor: 3000 Ft

vocational (registration) ticket: 1000 Ft
honour (registration) ticket: 200 Ft
For vocational and honour tickets please register via e-mail on szinhaz[kukac]bmac.hu.

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