12/05/2017 - 20:00
Bakelit M.A.C. - Studio


// autofictional dancework //
A vibrant firework packed with large doses of ironic humor, ambiguity and quite a bit of dance. 
A multifaceted solo show that ponders questions of cultural identity, ethnic belonging as well as some curiously held stereotypical notions of dance as a profession.

”I received word of a woman who’s story so closely resembled mine that I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t help becoming anything but curious”. 
Karen Henderson is and isn't. She is here, there, everywhere a little bit and all the time. She exists sometimes and somehow not at all, yet still, she's among us. 

“A show that's got that swing through and through” ‐ Ingela Brovik
“An associative, comical, elegant and investigating show” ‐ Martin Lagerholm
“The question of cultural heritage hangs like a dunce‐cap in the air” ‐ Malena Forsare 
“The only thing one can know for sure is that nothing is what it seems” ‐ Kristina Nilsson 

The Life and Times of Ms. Karen Henderson was developed in artistic residencies in Denmark, Sweden, England, India and the USA.
MARIA NAIDU makes the art of dance available and accessible to a wide audience. Her main tool is movement and her choreography is characterized by textural diversity and theatrical details. She continuously examines her movement language since it is her belief that every choreographic work has its own distinct identity. 
Educated at the Balettakademien in Gothenburg and later at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City. Debut as a dancer in 1987 and as a choreographer in 1989. She was a soloist with The New York based, international touring company, Jennifer Muller/THE WORKS from 1991-1998 adn took a hiatus from her own choreographic work at that time.
After 13 years in New York and eight with THE WORKS she returned to Europe and her own creativity.
Since 2004, her artistic work is produced by Föreningen armar&ben (The arms&legs association). 


Koreográfia / choreography: Maria Naidu 
Fénytervező / lighting design: Imre Zsibrik 
Jelmez / costume: Mathilda Spjuth 
Hang, szcenográfia, kellékek / soundscape, scenography, props: Tom, Dick & Harry 
Produkció / production: armar&ben 
Koprodukció / co-production: Dansstationen 
Támogatók / supported by: Statens Kulturrråd, Malmö Kulturstöd, Kultur Skåne és/and Konstnärsnämnden.

Ticket prices: 

adult: 2000 Ft
pedagogue and XI, XX. district cizitens discount: 1800 Ft
student discount: 1200 Ft
sponsor: 3000 Ft

vocational (registration) ticket: 1000 Ft
honour (registration) ticket: 200 Ft
For vocational and honour tickets please register via e-mail on szinhaz[kukac]bmac.hu.

tánc, nemzetközi, életrajzi, szóló

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