11/15/2016 - 20:00
Bakelit Multi Art Center

Can we consider the body as an archive that records, categorizes and re-arranges all experiences that it has gone through (e.g. an injury, a kiss, a breathtaking sight)? Does it store the collective history, or solely the personal one? What sort of methods we have for remembering? Can we amend our understanding of a dance piece by becoming informed about the histories of the displayed bodies?

What we offer is double-sided: on one hand it is a semi-fixed choreography containing abstract and found movements, and on the other hand it’s an installation and playground that unfolds the dancers’ body histories. The dance sequences were made on an autobiographical basis in relation to the participants’ movement qualities and the continuous changes they recognize within their flesh.
The location of the audience is not set as their activities are only suggested either. The spectators are welcome to roam around the hall with the support of a ”passport” and a map we give them. They are also free to choose when to arrive and to leave, though it is only 60 minutes available for this (potentially self-reflective) journey.

Baricz Xénia, Bot Ádám, Jana Golub, Micsinai István, Rab Alexandra, Szilágyi Krisztián
Tér, installáció, plakát/Stage and graphic design, installations: Kutyifa Ágnes
Koncepció/Concept: Szemessy Kinga

Special thanks to Dorottya Albert and Zsuzsanna Simon, and 
Workshop Foundation & SÍN Cultural Center.

Ticket prices: 

adult: 2000 Ft
pedagogue and XI, XX. district cizitens discount: 1800 Ft
student discount: 1200 Ft
sponsor: 3000 Ft

vocational (registration) ticket: 1000 Ft
honour (registration) ticket: 200 Ft
For vocational and honour tickets please register via e-mail on szinhaz[kukac]bmac.hu.

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