Workshops with the Osonó Theatre
“Theatre is just a pretext”

The workshops create new situations which the participants can take part in. These unique situations permit a journey to discover and understand one’s inner self and feelings. The theatre can be considered as a pretext to approach each other and our inner world as well as to reach a balance in our life in order to live in a successful and efficient way at our workplace and at home.

The Osonó Theatre has elaborated during the last years a method which lies on simple and playful practices in order to reach our inner self and our fellow mates. The participants acquire unconsciously all the knowledge, without the sense of external pedagogic pressure.

Personal development and teambuilding workshops
During this workshop, we develop the participants’ personality, first in an individual, then in grouped sessions. The goal is to discover and to comprehend the positive and negative personal traits of the individual and those of the team. This workshop helps us to let the feelings break out as well as it permits us to accept entirely ourselves and the other team members. These profound experiences result in strengthening the team.

Speech and language development workshops
The goal is to help the participants to express and articulate their thoughts in a clear and simple way. We do not aim to cease the speech defect, rather to assist to acknowledge the defects and to form them in order to communicate in a more efficient way.

Improvisation and problem solving workshops
In this workshop, the participants have the opportunity to improve their situational awareness and decision making skills. Also, by the end of the workshop, they learn how to be still in stressful situations in order to examine the wide range of possibilities of problem solving and to choose the right one.

Theatre workshops
The workshop emphasizes on the methods and tools of expressive theatre, along with the system of the psychological realism elaborated by Stanislavski. The centre of the workshop is shaped around the notion of truth and authenticity through theatrical presentness and creation.

Complex programs
This workshop is a complex package containing one or several types of workshops. The duration of the workshop is 1-3 days. We recommend it to teams which have a concrete vision or image regarding themselves and the group, also they are willing to deepen their knowledge in one or more specific subjects (teambuilding, conflict management, skills and competence development).

Guided, interactive discussions
This is a great opportunity to generate discussion among people in a given subject. Simple, interactive games allow the participants to express their opinion. The nature of the documentary theatre which is based on personal experiences, encourage the participants to get involved in the discussion.


The duration of the workshops

45-60 min. Workshop
This option is recommended to high school pupils, this amount of time is equal to the length of the classes. This time permits to the young adults to open to the exercises, however, for a few it will be considered too short. This kind of workshop refreshes the memory and reminds us that mindfulness is important in self-development and in everyday life.

90-120 min. Workshop
An intense workshop with lots of new experiences and discoveries. It is about self-reflexion and inner journey based on exercises and practises which are built on each other in order to improve and start self-development.

150-180 min. Workshop
Powerful, efficient and thorough workshop where there is time to accomplish nuanced and deep results due to the long duration. The participants can receive intense impulses which change profoundly their personality in a positive way.

One day workshop (2-3 workshops / 7-8 hours)
Two optional methods are included in this workshop. The first consists of 2 or 3 workshop of the same type, so the deep impact is guaranteed. The other method offers several, different type of methods, so the main goal is here to widen the scale of experiences.

Camp (4-5 days, 40-50 hours)
The work together during the few days allow the participants to get on well with each other and to help each other in the journey of the self-development. The camp symbolizes an isle where we live together and the rules and programs permit the participants the individual and commun inner observation.

Long term monthly workshop
The workshops are structured on a system where the practices and exercises are built on each other as well as the blocks of workshops. These experiences will be integrated in everyday life and in the personality of the participants.

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