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Jakub Štourač & Felix Baumann: The WARdrobe // Work in progress
  • 2019.03.22. 19:00 - 20:00

After two weeks of work in the Bakelit Multi Art Center we get an insight in the current state of the creation.

An unusual shaped wooden wardrobe, filled with dark soil, reminds us of a forgotten, almost painfully empty surrealistic image. A space, which, not only in matters of its architecture and visuality, tends to drag us, the ones who are looking, into its nothingness. Space of neglected things, unconscious desires, hidden dreams, old fears and captured memories. Placed aside, these things are calling us, they knock against the door of our own inner wardrobes, they reach for us, the forgotten, the hanged, the unused and displaced for eternity. They want to be recognized by us again.

The performance is inspired by different historical, mythological and contemporary stories and their archetypal figures, which were all living in extreme situations of isolation caused by war, prison, psychiatric hospital or destiny. Private heroes awaiting liberation.

The aim is to create a metaphor, which is both touching the current state of the whole V4 region: the young generation of Slovaks, Czechs, Hungarians and Polish, but also other generations and countries, from all over the world. They wish to create a mirror for these people – lost in their lives caused both by the current global situation and especially the countries still recovering from the communist ideology and reality – looking for the salvation and redemption in extreme and violent facing of reality that is not manageable for them any other way.

With the help of their multiple experiences in alternative theatre, the creators are using a mix of dance, physical and visual theatre, rhythm and music. Furthermore an humoristic, provocative and critical way of thinking and acting plays an essential role.

Concept & direction: Jakub Štourač (CZ) / Felix Baumann (DE)
Created with & interpreted by: Jakub Štourač (CZ) / Elena Pecenova (CZ) / Pilou Barge (FR) / Gérard N. Célestinov (FR) / Felix Baumann (DE)
Dramaturgy: Marek Turošík (SK)
Live music: Pilou Barge (FR)
Stage design: Jakub Štourač (CZ)
Sound design: Matěj Vejdělek (CZ)
Light design: Jiří Šmirk (CZ)

Duration: 40 min

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