everything except the norm
Liwia Bargieł (PL): Body Bank
  • 2019.11.21. 20:00

Body Bank is a journey into the body, which starts from a macro-scale – in which the body shares its qualities with space; passes through a natural scale – becoming an object in space; and ending at a micro level – where the body as a combination of related components.

The performer’s body subjected to the viewer’s eyes performs actions on the stage that affect it’s physiology. One sees the performer’s movements, but do not feel her elevated pulse. One can see the sweat on her forehead, but will not feel it on his skin. The viewer has the access to what is happening in the audience only as much as his vision permits.

The performer also looks at her own body, but her perspective is completely different from the perspective of the viewer. Body is as an organic object – a space itself, in which various experiences and memories accumulate. She therefore attempts to look at herself from a distance, trying to examine the behavior and reactions of her body, which on the stage become a machine obediently performing tasks.

Liwia Bargieł – choreographer/performer
Paulina Ozga – dramaturgy
Aleksander Kaźmierczak – music/performer
Marta Mielcarek – video/lights

The performance was selected by our active spectators [the group of qARTisans] / Be SpectACTive