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Ladjánszki–Varga: LetMeC with naked audience
  • 2019.11.27. 19:45

Concept/dance/performer: Márta Ladjánszki
Composer/music/performer: Zsolt Varga
Supported by L1 Association, EMMI, NKA, Bakelit MAC, Workshop Foundation

“The work leads audience into unique journey. A true experience of community is still possible.” (Joanna Leśnierowska – curator, Poland)

We started a cooperation with the Hungarian Naturist Community 12 years ago and in 2018 we kind of celebrated our activities with a series of dance pieces for and with naked audience.
Something brand new which can create a tradition (as we continued these events in 2019 as well.)

Hereby we would like to drive your attention on our creation LetMeC which after Budapest premier we performed at Poznan Malta Festival (in June 2019). Though the work was performed earlier in textile (in Sofia at Derida Dance Center, in Budapest and also in Nicosia), thanks for a long term cooperation with the Naturists’ Association (NaVKE) in Hungary finally for the first time ever we opened the possibility to audience members to join if they were willing to dress down as well.

And now we are looking for possible venues/events where we could perform this nude version – who ever is ready for such…
Please note that the audience members (by buying their tickets) are agreeing upon being naked with the performer(s) during the performance. Please bring your own towel to sit on it.

Feedbacks from the audience
“Unprecedented event. An exciting experience which I definitely want to continue.”
“It was my pleasure to be there and to take part in the performance. As I put it yesterday, a dream came true for me. I can hardly believe that it really happened. I’m grateful. It was fantastic!”

“(…) Power of the performance lays in possibility of experiencing the community of bodies built on slowly and generously developed trust and understanding of fragile and demanding engagement balance we are to maintain in all our man to man interactions – both within designed safety of stage laboratory as well as in the real daily life of ours.
The way Márta Ladjánszki and Zsolt Varga designed and executed the work – so bravely and gently at the same time – lead audience into unique journey and left us with an uplifting believe that genuine togetherness and true experience of community (spoken a lot but so rarely witnessed within performance context) is still possible – in the theatre and outside. And definitely so much needed nowadays’”
(Joanna Leśnierowska – curator of performing arts program, Poland)

Márta LADJÁNSZKI (H) studied classical ballet, gymnastics apparatus work and jazz- and modern dance in Budapest and in Vienna. In 1996 she was the co-founder of KOMPmÁNIA contemporary dance theatre company where Ladjánszki worked both as a performer and co-choreographer. In 2001 she joined the L1 Association and has been acting as its artistic vice-director ever since. Being a freelance choreographer and dancer in Budapest she keeps on seeking opportunities to present her work in the field of contemporary dance to those who are open to and interested in her works of art and her provision for the human body.
Her inspiration comes directly from the body itself and transforms the inner thoughts into visible pieces of information. Ladjánszki firmly believes that we are all different (not only physically) and this makes our lives richer. This is why she celebrates the body in every piece she creates.

Zsolt VARGA (H) is a musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound and movement artist from Budapest, Hungary and chairman of L1 Association since 2011.

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