everything except the norm
Be a qARTisan!


Call to action - BEYOND the socio-cultural norms. Let’s vote together the future performances of Bakelit!

qARTisans - who we are?

qARTisans, a group of art loving enthusiasts, who are willing to have a decision making role in Bakelit’s everyday life, vote performances, raise their voice for or against an issue, and accomplish their visions and dreams with the support of the group members, a community for and about art.

qARTisans – what we do?

*twice a year voting & programming together for up to 6 artists/companies performing at Bakelit *collective overview & discussion of Bakelit’s open call applications (twice a year) *sharing and presenting qARTisans’ own projects / up to 4 cases/year *several doozy activities based on qARTisans’ desires (open rehearsals, dance and visual art workshops, movie screenings…) *at least 1 meeting / month to strengthen our collaboration and relationship *no age restrictions  

What we offer?

- part of the decision-making-process, (international) programming of an alternative cultural venue, to have influence + to gain insights - chance to create own projects or artistic/cultural concepts - 1 free entry to any of the shows & discount from all other programs - possibility to network with the Hungarian & international art scene - exchange of knowledge & ideas - certificate & club membership  

Be a qARTisan!

Who are you? What is your motivation? What do you expect from these gatherings/meetings/exchanges? Send us your answer to these questions, and we will contact you. international@bmac.hu


A quick sum up of what qARTisan means from our perspective:

queer - related to Bakelit’s programming profile: performances, topics, styles quality - quality work and quality time spent together results in a quality program. Let’s think together. ≠quiet - raise your voice, tell us what you think regarding program selection & performances. Share your ideas, opinions and give qualify - it’s your turn now to qualify performances, propose new artists for Bakelit’s annual program, and share with the qARTisans even your own project quirky – your taste & perspectives might be uncommon, not usual, different or unexpected - we have the space for it. Different angles, diverse perspectives, ideas and comments about various issues concerning the everyday life of an independent cultural institution & its projects are more than welcome quest - no statements but questions, no words written in the stone but quest and research. qARTisan - a community open to the unknown quay - qARTisan, a harbour for new things, home for foreigners, always open for new-comers