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Interview – Open call for foreign people living in Hungary
As part of an international performing art project, we are looking for foreign people living in Hungary, and people who were born here but their parents, grandparents moved here from a foreign country, and who are open to share their thoughts and experiences about the challenges they had/have to face due to the cultural and lingual differences, in what ways they are able to keep their traditions, and the ups and downs of social integration among other questions, in the frame of an interview with the leading artists. The artists are going to incorporate some elements, stories from these interviews into the performance, with the permission of the interviewee. If someone would show old photos, letters, postcards during the discussion, those are welcomed to. Due to the current situation, the interviews are going to take place online, via zoom, between the end of November and the beginning of December. The discussion with the artists could be in English, Serbian or Hungarian. If interested, please get in touch with us by writing an email to international[at]bmac.hu   Short description of the project: Assimilate: Since the beginning of time people have been moving from one place to another, searching for the ideal place where they can live. We wonder through these migrations - what happens with the clash of cultures and different languages? How they communicate with each other; how those adjustments leave permanent footprint in language, culture and customs; whether to seek beauty or constant conflict between those nations are the main questions of these artistic peace. The Serbian, Check, French and Hungarian cooperation project led by Ljubomir Nikolić, Sonja Stojanović and Máté  Czakó (Art Ritam Association) aims to connect with these cultures, to embody the beauty of differences through the time of various types of communication from 19th century – their research starts with the first Serb migration to Hungary fleeing under the repression of Turks - till the digital era, interweaving of the past and present through the lens of music and movement from traditional to contemporary. The performance will consist of several patterns of choreographic movements and music and the audience will be able to choose combination of these patterns in order to create the whole performance.  The piece will be accompanied by a video installation, based on the videos and photos of the interview materials and what the artists gather from the local communities.