10/12/2017 - 20:00
Bakelit M.A.C. - Studio

// a modern question looking for an ancient answer //
Traditional Japenese dance ritual from a contemporary perspective which interweaves with electro music and digital painting. Characters and stories taken from the ancient book called Kojiki in which the religious genesis of Japan is narrated. Ikutani San deals with the most famous episode of the book: when the deity Ama no Uzume will perform for the first time the dance that will be called Kagura.

Visual and sound create the abstract frame of this inner journey, when the dance travels back to the very birth of a style, of a culture, to try and find this old truth beneath the form and dig it out for us, children of a different era. Every painting is created on a tablet and projected on the walls in live, music is interpreted in live with both analog and digital devices, and the dance is largely improvised, influenced by the sonic and visual environment.

All the energy created by the soundscape and landscape from AXL OTL and Yukihiro converge to a carrier: Ichi Go, who will share it intimately with the audience, inviting them to join the scene and experiment with all their senses the momentum.


Electro Kagura is a group composed of three artists, three different forms of art:
Dance: Ichi Go Japánból, kortárs, hagyományos és urban tánc
Digital painting: Yukihiro Ikutani Japánból, spontán alkotásra összpontosító művész 
Electro music: AXL OTL, francia zeneszerző, a klasszikus zeneszerzők iránti érzékenységgel alkot a szintetizátor és a számítógép mögött

Ticket prices: 

adult: 2000 Ft
pedagogue and XI, XX. district cizitens discount: 1800 Ft
student discount: 1200 Ft
sponsor: 3000 Ft

vocational (registration) ticket: 1000 Ft
honour (registration) ticket: 200 Ft
For vocational and honour tickets please register via e-mail on szinhaz[kukac]bmac.hu.

dance, tánc, electro, visual design, bmac, international, butoh, Japanese

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