11/21/2017 - 20:00
Bakelit M.A.C. - Studio


Poetic journey in the trash, between the immanent and transcendent: people who have to live “in desolation, are witnesses of the cruelty of life and its thousands of mysteries”. 

The performance is the poetic story of women who "move" themselves as if the road was the "theater of life”, composed of scenes and sounds that reproduce truth through falsity, reality through dreams, and crudeness through poetry.
This creative journey moves to search for vital expressions of natural movements- gestures replacing dialogues - to extend the story on which the interpreters develop and build a series of situations that play among the real, the grotesque, and the transcendental to rediscover the hidden spaces of mind. 

Awkwardness, marginality and deviance characterize the conflict of these women looking for their identity as they overcome social barriers imposed on them by society.


direction and choreography: Francesca La Cava
original music: Resiliens - Lorenzo e Federico Fiume
performers: Roberta De Rosa, Francesca La Cava and Angela Valeria Russo
costumes: Francesca la Cava
light designer: Stefano Pirandello and Michele Innocenzi
video: Luca Antonetti e Giovanni Sfarra
technical direction: Carlo Oriani Ambrosini
tour manager: Giada Gagliardi
artistic assistant: Annarita Rossi
photo: Paolo Porto

Production: GRUPPO e-MOTION with the contribution of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, the Abruzzo Region (IT) and the Municipality of L’Aquila (IT)
Co-production: Società Aquilana dei Concerti “B. Barattelli” (IT)
Residency: ARTISTI PER IL MATTA (IT) project Corpografie
Supported by SIAE “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”(IT) and sponsored by Comune dell’Aquila (IT)

Ticket prices: 

adult: 2000 Ft
pedagogue and XI, XX. district cizitens discount: 1800 Ft
student discount: 1200 Ft
sponsor: 3000 Ft

vocational (registration) ticket: 1000 Ft
honour (registration) ticket: 200 Ft
For vocational and honour tickets please register via e-mail on szinhaz[kukac]bmac.hu.

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