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The AGE Festival 2007
  • 2021.04.29. 19:00 - 23:00

Premier: 2007. May 27. Bakelit M.A.C.

The screeninig starts 2021.04.29. 7:00 p.m. CET and you can watch the whole event until May 29 FREE OF CHARGE.

In 2021, the L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility (where most of the members are currently working as creators) will celebrate 20 years of active relationship with the Bakelit Multi Art Center Foundation and venue. That’s why a retrospective, anniversary online performance series was launched on April 22nd. The event provides an ongoing opportunity for those who exchange tickets for screenings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to not only recall the international and domestic performing arts shown over the past 20 years, but to celebrate and look back, recall, remember, relive moments together.

On the occasion of the International World Dance Day, the L1 Association surprises those interested with a special offer, because it does not draw attention to itself and its current artists, but to the passage of time, so “The AGE Festival – the main drive before the age” on 27.05.2007 performances presented and recorded at Bakelit MAC will be shared with the grandiose. In addition to its already traditional festival, L1danceFest, the association organized a festival in May 2007 where only beautiful domestic and foreign performers and dancers were invited. Not only then, but even today, in our rushed world, unfortunately, there is a lack of respect for years and experiences, so L1 members now want to (and) draw the attention of the public and those interested. Their mini-festival was joined by affiliate programs that also deal with the passage of time and can be seen in the event documentation.

“We want to provide space, opportunity, understanding and security for those who enrich our everyday lives with their art and who – although perhaps not seen in this award – deserve respect for non-forgetting. We do this with the intertwined relationship of your dance and co-productions.”

2021.04.29. Program:
• Az „Időtálló Idősek" TitkaiProf. Dr. Iván László vezetésével beszélgetés az öregségről, annak pozitív és esetleg negatív vonzatáról (táplálkozás, életmód, betegségek, kiszolgáltatottság, érzelem).
• Varga Gábor Ákos Bella címen akt fotósorozata 
• Tánc-színházi előadások:
 Bob Eisen (USA): szóló improvizáció
 Geltz Péter (H): A nemkívánatos személy
 Christine Maginnis (USA): Azalea Nights
 Rókás László (H): Tarzan Zéró: A nulla nem hagyja szorozni magát – Irodalmi est