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MONOR and CSÉVHARASZT in the frame off L1danceFest 2021 – 20 years! The LAST CONCERT
  • 2021.09.03. 10:00 - 23:00

L1danceFest 2021 – 20 years! The LAST CONCERT

Movement-based International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

20th annual edition organized by L1 Association in Budapest

September 1 – 5 2021

September 3. 2021 Friday

12.00 – 18.00 MONOR and CSÉVHARASZT

Let’s spend the day together, get to know each other, remember, meditate together; while we may encounter pop-up performances. Free of charge event.

Pop-up performances by Gyula Berger and the ZéróPlusz DanceWorks, Ádám Bot, Ádám Ellenbacher, Tímea Györke, Emese Kovács, Flóra Veres

With the ticket you buy here you can travel with the mini bus, departing from Bakelilt MAC at 10.00 am and come back at 18.00 to Bakelit MAC where you can joion the evening program as well. The price covers the minibus and the eveing shows.

Gyula Berger and the ZéróPlusz DanceWorks: Selfmaps

Choreography: Gyula Berger

Creators and performers: Adrienn Fejős, Alejandra Rosas, Anna Stefanovics

Music: Music Illness Cash-Machine, Borut Krzisnik

Supported by Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation

Gyula Berger (L1-member) – photo: Syporca Whandal (L1-member)

The choreographic miniatures mould the performer’s feelings towards life.    

Movements that talk, objects that come to life. Personal stories coming from bodies that react on the actual space of the performance and on the atmosphere emerging through the recent pandemic. 

Ádám Bot: Tenebrositas

Bot Ádám

: Ellenbacher Ádám

Special thanks to
 Szilágyi Krisztián

Supported by L1 Association, 
NKA Imre Zoltán Program, ‘Köszönjük Magyarország! Program’, Workshop Foundation

Ádám Bot (L1-resident 2021) – photo: István Kovács (L1-member)

Pause. As in Morse code between points and lines. The signal is interrupted. Or would the pause itself be a sign? Here I stand on the threshold of eternity. Time does not pass.  I grabbed the minute’s hand. Suddenly the infinite and the was-no state ends. How long does the past last, or where does it start at all?

András Déri: Research on the moment in one note

Concept/performer: András Déri

Music: Mihály Bazsinka

Supported by L1 Association, EMMI, ‘Köszönjük, Magyarország! Program’

András Déri (L1-member) – photo: Csongor Szigeti G.

An improvised performance with a simple structure and task for a single musician (playing saxophone) and a dancer giving a taste of the opening practice from my performance entitled “Mysterium Cosmographicum”. The first two minutes you can observe the saxophone playing one note and the dancer kneeling with the vocal cords resonating. Moving in a spiral the saxophonist approaches the dancer, then fades away. The next two minutes the dancerI reacts with a free-flow improvisation on the sound. After that the saxophone does the same and following that both merge into a collective improv observing what has happened previously.

Ádám Ellenbacher: Neon Balance

– an unusual dress show – 

Models: Bot Ádám, Györke Tímea, Kovács Emese

Supported by L1 Association, EMMI

Ádám Ellenbacher (L1-resident 2021) – photo-collage: Syporca Whandal (L1-member)

Downtown streets, nightlife after dawn. Light painted streets from store windows. Freshness, but clean shapes. The unisex collection inspired by the neon lights.

In these pieces I observe the layering of the materials in oversize form. They react to every motion, they reflect the light differently.

Tímea Györke: Parallels – improvisation with sound and movement

Concept/dance: Tímea Györke

Music: Sándor Szabó

Supported by L1 Association, EMMI, ‘Köszönjük, Magyarország! Program’


Tímea Györke (L1-resident 2021) – photo-collage: Syporca Whandal (L1-member)

Using a previously planned conception the improvised music – performed on electric guitars – creates special spaces and atmosphere in the same way motion is also built on points of focus.

In this live performance – delivered by Tímea Györke dancer and Sándor Szabó guitarist – the music supports the movement and the movement vitalizes the music, this way the symbiosis of these two is shaped into an interactive poetic experience.

Flóra Veres (TalkingBodies): One in One

Director/choreographer: Flóra Veres

Music/performer: Ádám Márton Horváth

Creators-performers: Flóra Veres, Ádám Márton Horváth

Costume: MsPink (GE)

Mentor: Márta Ladjánszki

Special thanks to Zsuzsanna Simányi

Supported by L1 Association, National Cultural Fund – Zoltán Imre Program, Sín Culture Centre, Inversedance, Workshop Foundation, EMMI Czech Centrum, ‘Köszönjük, Magyarország! Program’

Flóra Veres and Ádám Márton Horváth (L1-members) – photo: István Kovács (L1-members)

“Man, woman, mother, father, kid. We shift from one to the other while staying the one as well. ‘One in One’ is a world where we can try these rolls on, where we can be any or all of them. An inner trip through time and space, touching love, absence, community, loneliness, gender roles, touching ourselves and each other so that finally we can arrive at our new role…”

From whom did we get our lives? How do we inherit our fate? We get and we give something. “She is like her mother, like two drops in the sea.” Where is the end of our personality? Where are our bodies’? Or is it able to extend and reach to another person?

“She is from me, all her cells, flesh and blood, body and soul, but she isn’t Me… Then who am I?” How do these roles change throughout our lifetime? From childhood I became an adult, but still somebody’s child. And also, somebody’s partner. Who will I become when I enter a new role?

One in One is willing to show two young people’s flashback and “flash-forward”; the difficulties of the stratification of their personalities, the irony, the ease, the beauty, the magic and the real of these two people, necessarily looking through a personal point of view, with respect towards time and with humour to be able to handle it.

September 3 2021 Friday EVENING

Bakelit MAC

20.00 Alexandra Mireková (SK) deep blue

As part of  Be SpectACTIVE! Project, selected by the ‘active spectators of Bakelit MAC’.

Choreography/dance: Alexandra Mireková (SK)

Concept/mentor: Márta Ladjánszki (H)

Special thanks to the workshop participants Bara and Boba and to jaro for the organization at Banská Bystrica (SK).

Supported by L1 Association, Bakelit MAC, Be SpectACTive! Project, Creative Europe Program, National Cultural Fund (NKA), EMMI, skok!

Selected by the ‘active audience members’ program’ in Bakelit MAC.

Alexandra Mirekova – photo: Katarína Baranyai_Zahrada

In the beginning is physicality. In the movements I look for connections of peripheries, release –leaving a part of the body, the colour blue, dark blue, light images behind closed eyelids. I am part of the space and it passes through me. I can be seen. I am discovering the motivation to move. There is physicality at the end.

Alexandra Mireková is currently working as production manager for several dance performances, she is also part of the organisational team of Skok! n.o. She attended several dance workshops, led by professional dancers,  Alexandra took part in several dance projects: Biela noc –Košice, K.A.I.R.,  LUPE: performance of Zuzana Žabková, These bodies: Laura Alcala Freudentha etc. She led a dance group called Heeb.She in Košice (2011 – 2016). She created two original performances: Heeb.She: Deskripcia (Description) (2015) – structural improvisation and HRA NA TANEC: NONYMOUS/Do I exist today? (2017). Currently she is in the process of researching the meaning of workshops for non-professional dancers and continues to attend different workshops.

20.30 GROUP DANCE – Hungarian Folk Dance Event

Master of Ceremony: Júlia Redő (dance pedagogue, dancer)

Music performed live by Csaba Soós (first violinist, ‘primás’) and his ensemble

Dress code: comfortable shoes which can slip and comfortable clothes – as we dance!

Main organizer: L1 Association

Artistic director, curator: Márta Ladjánszki (L1-member)

Host: Zsolt Varga (L1-member)

Moderator of discussions: Márta Ladjánszki (L1-member)

Translation: Zsolt Varga (L1-member)

Co-organizers of the programs at the countryside: Márton Bauer (Dörgicse), István Kovács (Monor/Csévharaszt), Mária Nagy/Rózsa Markács (Délegyháza)

Video, photo documentation: István Kovács (L1-member), Balázs Lajti

Design: Anna Korolovszky

Main supporters: L1 Association, Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI), National Cultural Fund (NKA)

Hosting/cooperation venues/partners:

Bakelit M. A. C., MAMŰ Gallery, ‘Egy Falu – Egy Város’ Association, Naturist Camping Oázis

Further supporters of the projects:

Artemisszió Intercultural Foundation, Be SpectACTive!, Creative Europe Programme, ZéróPlus Dance Studio, SkhyzoKhyno Studio, Fészek Fotó Stúdió, „Köszönjük, Magyarország!” program, International Visegrad Fund, National Cultural Fund of Hungary Imre Zoltán Program Ideiglenes Kollégium, NaVKE, Trans Europe Halles (TEH)

Media partners: CHB – Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, szinhaz.online, Táncművészet

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.

More information: L1danceFest website / L1danceFest FB-site / L1 Association FB-site