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L1-eve(s) a’la IZP
  • 2021.10.12. 18:30 - 23:00

In 2021, the L1 Association will again organize the so-called L1-eve(s) but in a different way than in the past years.

L1-eve(s) a’la IZP 

October 12 – 13. 2021. 18.30 CET

After an online edition in June NOW YOU CAN WATCH PERFORMANCES LIVE. We hope that in this way, the spectators of the evenings can get an exciting and colorful bouquet.

Stay with us, choose from tickets defined by the artists and join the performances.

The event is hosted by the Bakelit Multi Art Center, the long-term partner venue of the L1 Association.


October 12. Tue 18.30 we start with kulTÚRA – irány a gyár!

EXHIBITION ​​Ádám Ellenbacher: Map From The Inside – L2 terem/palackpult

Flóra Veres (TalkingBodies): I was never this before – Hangár

Judit Dömötör: CHNGNG – Stúdió színház

October 13. Wed 18.30 we start with kulTÚRA – irány a gyár!

Syporca Whandal: Penitence – Tetőterem

István Kovács: Icarustic – Hangár

András Déri: Mysterium Cosmographicum – Stúdió színház

Emese Kovács: intosomnia – L1 terem

L1-eve(s) a’la IZP

Main organizer: L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility

Artistic director/program curator/host Márta Ladjánszki (L1-tag)

Translation: Zsolt Varga (L1-member)

Editing publication/graphic design: Anna Korolovszky 

Portraits and collage pictures by Syporca Whandal (L1-member)

Introduction interviews by –odorik–

Main documentation by Balázs Lajti, István Kovács (L1-member)

Press contact: György Naszály 

Main supporters: L1 Association, EMMI, NKA IZP Ideiglenes Kollégiuma

Partner venues: Bakelit MAC, Fészek Fotó Stúdió

Media partner: Táncművészet, Színház Online

We reserve the right to change the program.

More information:

L1 Egyesület website

L1 Egyesület FB site

Bakelit MAC website