everything except the norm
ZeroPlus DanceWorks – Synchronized Beats /// PREMIER
  • 2021.12.14. 19:00 - 20:00 | Bakelit Multi Art Center

On December 14th 2021. 7PM

  • Choreography: Gyula Berger
  • Performers: Adrienn Fejős, Anna Horváth, Alejandra Rosas (CO), Anna Stefanovics, Dóra Varga
  • Music: Borut Krzisnik (SLO)
  • Lighting: Géza Budai
  • Costumes: Katalin Stampf – ARTISTA
  • Hair: Ekaterina Kutepova (RU)

“We tick, glide, vibrate, open up, rampage, stack, simplify, expose, curl, bustle, slide, bang, beware, bounce, explode, squeak, parallel, carry, drop, reach, terminate, stop. We repeat, we watch. We tick.”

ZeroPlus DanceWorks’ piece tries to present the playful course of life, its constant pulsation and its changing dynamics through rhythmic structures. The choreography is like a clockwork, its components, wheels always rotate. Meetings in a closed space, in a closed world. The evolution of the scenes – from the starting oneness into solos, duos, and backwards – provides the basic structure of the piece. Moving from private to common makes it vibrant. Each scene has its own specific quality according to the personality and the temperament of the ruling character.


Tickets are available on-site or online!

NORMAL ticket /// 2000 HUF

Can only be redeemed on the day of the performance:
SUPPORT ticket/// 3000 HUF
PROFESSIONAL ticket /// 1000 HUF

Supporters: Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungarian Academy of Arts, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation, ARTISTA, Jurányi House

The piece was selected by our active spectators group, the qARTisans in the frame of the European project, Be SpectACTive! supported by the Creative Europe Programme and NKA.

Gyula Berger – choreographer
Gyula Berger is a choreographer from Budapest and one of the founding members of the contemporary dance scene in Hungary – making work for the past 30 years. After 10 years of dance training with renowned teachers, he entered the Hungarian dance scene as a choreographer in 1984 with his own company. In the beginning of the 90’s, Gyula’s thirst for knowledge took him to The Netherlands where he studied post-modern dance at the European Dance Development Center for 4 years. After returning to Hungary in 1997 he continued teaching and choreographing while also participating in international collaborations. He was a co-founder of a unique dance-theatre formation, the L1 Association – a collective of choreographers that he had been the president of until February 2011 and that he is still a member of.
The formations have changed over time, creation and teaching remained uninterrupted. Currently he is running Zero-Plus DanceWorks (creation and education) in Jurányi Production House.

ZeroPlus DanceWorks – the place to learn and to create
ZeroPlus DanceWorks functions as a school and as a creative dance lab specializing in contemporary dance and somatic activities. „Zero”, as understood by Hindu gurus, is more than a number; it stands as the symbol of anything and everything, the starting point, the nucleus of everything that follows. Thus, zero is the point of transformation: negative numbers become positive, the virtual becomes real. This process of transformation is creation itself. The word „plus” refers to this process, progressing from „emptiness” towards „completeness”. Our studio has been at the forefront for years in the organization of body awareness based dance and movement courses in Hungary. Those who visit our classes, embark on a journey of inner spiritual self-knowledge. The methods may vary – improvisation, different body awareness techniques, dance therapy, contemporary dance, or classical ballet – but our messages are consistent: discover yourself and others, form connections, be conscious of your presence, relax, create.