túl a normák zaján
International Meeting of Independent Dance Producers
  • 2017.06.02. 09:00 - 16:00 | Bakelit Multi Art Center

Since 2012, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (the umbrella organisation for dance in Germany) has been gathering independent dance and other cultural producers from all over Germany in the context of the so-called InfoPlus-meetings. Following two international InfoPlus-meetings in March (at German Dance Platform, Frankfurt/Main) and September 2016 (at internationale tanzmesse nrw, Düsseldorf), the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland aims to further strengthen the exchange with independent dance and other cultural producers in Europe and beyond.

The Budapest meeting intends to extend the exchange of personal contacts, know-how, experiences and good practices, to create bonds and networks and to strengthen the standing of independent dance managers, producers and production offices.
We want to discuss working conditions and funding programmes in different countries and to think about ways and means to facilitate international cooperation and work processes. Furthermore, we want to stimulate a transfer of experiences and knowledge in visiting international dance fairs and platforms. In addition, we would like to encourage an interaction on an artistic level: on the artists and companies, the participants are representing.
Main topics of the meeting:
– Facilitating International Exchange and Work Processes
– Designing an international, standardised form of requirements
– On negotiating fees for performances in countries other than your home country
– Avoiding bureaucratic obstacles and administrative difficulties: the role of mobility information points and consulting services.
– A Walk around Town: Dance Professionals in Budapest
– What are the international dance fairs and platforms – in Europe and around the globe?
– Exchange on experiences with fairs and platforms

The two-day international meeting is willing to realize an efficient exchange between producers, managers and production offices from cultural area circulating around different topics, and having dance platform as its basic subject.